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"Taking SCIENCE Seriously, Because We Believe In It".

We understand hair and how our lifestyle, behaviour and environment affect its behaviour. So before developing any product or finding any solutions, we first start from understanding the problem. Our aim is to develop a science driven innovative haircare range that solves all haircare problems and not just be another haircare brand in the market. Using high quality and innovative ingredients, we have created an array of products that are specifically designed with Indian hair in mind. Our range of shampoos, conditioners and styling products are formulated to provide long lasting hydration and nourishment, while preserving your hair's natural strength and volume. Everything we develop goes through a strict series of clinical tests before we introduce it. Our products are designed and formulated by leading dermatologists, who wanted to fill the lacune of science backed haircare in India.

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EnagenBio Believes

Enhance with Enagen: We understand Indian hair and the beauty of its textured appearance. Our aim is to enhance natural textured hair with a line of hair care products specially formulated to make Indian hair look its best. Whether you have thick curly hair, thin straight hair or something in between, EnagenBio assures to help you achieve frizz free locks and a healthy scalp.

Harness Goodness of Nature in Science

Our innovative formulas combine the latest advances in hair care science with natural ingredients like argan, rice bran oil and shea butter. We use these ingredients in combination with active vitamins, minerals and botanical extracts to create a comprehensive solution for all Indian hair types.

Result Oriented Formulas

We strive hard to develop products that show results from a single use itself. Our goal is to provide effective, affordable and safe products that help you maintain your beautiful Indian hair.

Confidence Heals

The self-consciousness struggle with damaged frizzy hair is real. Our mission is to help people everywhere feel good about themselves so they can do great things. Shine your brightest light.